PSR Consulting and Creative Training Solutions Have Joined Forces to Become One — One Remarkable Sales Training Company

For more than 15 years, Greg Riebe has called Stacia Skinner his business associate, training colleague and friend. Now PSR Consulting is continuing its time-tested programs and proven training philosophies through Stacia’s company, Creative Training Solutions. For more information about Stacia and CTS, visit

Creative Training Solutions

Creative Training Solutions

CTS is a dynamic sales training corporation helping sales teams achieve measurable results in sales. We have helped a wide variety of companies from diverse industries grow their businesses. When you partner with Creative Training Solutions, Ltd. you don’t just get an event. You get a proven methodology coupled with a broad range of tools in order to help reinforce learning.

Inside the CTS toolkit you will find dynamic workshops, webinars, and live coaching from sales experts. From gaining the first appointment to closing the sale, CTS provides the tools and strategies necessary to increase your bottom-line. If you are looking for a way to gain the competitive edge against your competition, then CTS is your resource.

Our programs include:

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